Pardon my cliche but time really does fly! I can still remember so vividly those torturous days of having that massive black brace locking my knee in uncomfortable, inflexible positions.

Just now, Korkor commented that he noticed my pace of walking has increased significantly! Now I don’t have to feel guilty because whoever hangs out with me doesn’t have to wait or slow their pace down for me 🙂

Besides being able to finally walk without a limp and a brace, I also visited the gym for the first time after 2 months! I managed to do the Cross-trainer, Elliptical, and even the hamstring curls! Praise God!

The only thing upsetting and worrying is that I still can’t straighten my knee properly and do the Straight Leg Raise with weights. My physiotherapist warned me that if I don’t get this corrected I may not be able to pass my test come August. :/

Right now, I am going to focus on being diligent with my physio exercises, hitting the gym at least thrice a week to build up those muscles that have degenerated. This morning while at the gym, the fact that I have completely zero stamina left was glaring. I was yawning for oxygen 5minutes into the Cross-trainer exercise (previously, I used to maintain a constant energy level for REALLY long).

All I can tell myself right now is: take it slowly. Yes, it’s important to push myself harder every single time I work-out but I have to be realistic and not be discouraged whenever I realize my fitness level is not the same as before.

Keeping in mind what Sherlyn once told me, “There are people who come back from their ACL injury stronger. You’re going to be one of them.”


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