What an arduous journey. It’s been 4 months since my ACL knee reconstruction surgery and 2 weeks ago, I went for my first Return To Sports Class which is basically a more dynamic session of physiotherapy compared to the past 3 months of strengthening exercises.

For my first class, I was pretty excited cos it was time to get my muscles working again. There were quite a handful of guys and just 3 females in that class (I was the youngest of the lot) and for the warm ups, we did a series of drills up and down the narrow corridor of the Rehabilitation Clinic @ SGH. Pretty weird cos nurses and physiotherapists were all trying to do their stuff and getting into their offices while we did lunges and bear walks up and down that narrow pathway. Singapore really has some serious space issues. :/

So most of us were struggling to complete the drills cos our stamina went below negative infinity after not engaging in aerobic exercises for SO long. I felt especially proud of myself cos I pushed myself to not stop (like the other guys) even when I was pretty sore from having gone swimming before the session. The bear-walks (we had to go down on all fours, with our knees straight and heels on the ground, we moved from one end of the corridor and back for 5 laps) totally killed us. After the drills, we did a variety of static holds and some agility jumps (which were psychologically strenuous for me cos I was fearful of jumping over an obstacle with my operated leg) :((

So yup, after that first RTS class, I had severe muscle aches (those dormant muscle groups that I have not touched since 3 months ago) that lasted 3 days. Yikes. I was so sore that I couldn’t walk normally. But it kinda felt strangely good too, cos I know it marks the start of a new beginning, my first steps towards normal-hood.

Ever since my physio gave me the green light to start jogging, I have been jogging as much as I could on the NUS track. But recently, my progress has been going downhill and it’s puzzling to me cos I really want to run more but my knee does not seem to agree. D:

I wish jogging on the track wasn’t so boring. ): Then I can jog forever and ever…

My screw is slightly jutting out (but still underneath my skin) so there is this slight bump near the scar which annoys the hell outta me cos I kept banging that bump accidently against the table whenever I prop my knee up while studying. Painful much.

Can’t wait for my knee to be ready to pivot again cos I want to start dance classes sooooon ):



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