Just to keep some people who still visit my almost deserted site on the loop:

I’m recovering well guys! Thanks for your concern! (Even though I know deep in my heart, most of the time when people ask me about my knee, they do it for customary purposes and most probably they think that there is nothing else interesting in my life now to talk about)

But anyway, yes, so I’ve been going for weekly Physio (Return To Sports) classes every Tuesday at SGH and I have been enjoying all the sessions there cos the physio assistants and people there are generally really nice to me 😛 Every week I progress to doing more agility and balancing drills to train up my knee and core muscles and I have to keep on reminding myself that I can’t only just focus on my operated leg but also my ‘good’ leg cos now, I seem to feel my right leg growing stronger than my left.

One interesting encounter I had at Physio this week was Farting Granny. Before the class started, I did my usual warm-up on the treadmill and it so happened that I took the machine next to this granny doing her exercise on the elliptical. 2mins into my run I could hear farting noises coming from her direction and I tried to contain my laughter and continued jogging. Then it occurred to me that there was a really foul smell, it was so intoxicating that I had to hold my breath and I almost died from doing that while running at the same time cos the fart lasted at least 3 ice ages. I had to press that ’emergency stop button’ and get off the treadmill to breathe in some fresh air. HAHAHA I found it so ridiculously funny cos she was just there farting loudly, not caring about the world, and just being in her own fart world. 🙂

Anyhooos, as I’m writing this, I’m just touching my screw bump. The screw is still jutting out from under my scar and the bump is quite visible and it itches from time to time. Pretty strange and whenever I accidentally knock my knee against something, it hurts like there’s nobody’s business. I guess I can’t do any floor work anytime soon for dance… ):

My knee still feels tight even after so many months post-op. It’s really frustrating to know that until now my knee is not functioning like how it used to be, I always doubt whether my knee will ever be normal again.. ): It’s so tight that it’s quite obvious that I walk with my knee slightly bent and not fully straightened. And everytime I pivot, I can hear a crack (like the sound you hear from cracking your knuckles). It’s quite horrifyingly enchanting, the sound. 😛

Okay, yay, now you know more about my knee. 3 points for you.



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