You would think that by this age, I would have already understood concept that “You can’t please everybody”. I thought so too, and then I realized you can never stop learning and re-learning such life lessons. There will be many people you meet in life and experiences that you go through and all these things just keep on changing your perspectives and shaping your character, it’s a never-ending process.

Quiet introspection can be extremely valuable. I saw recently why I have been so upset over a small matter and stressed over the fact that I was letting go of some relationships in my life. It’s all that insecurity in me, that obsession to look inwardly instead of being secure in my identity as a Beloved child of God, that had caused so much turbulence in my mind.

It’s definitely a very difficult and painful process to let go of the things and people I used to hold so dearly to in the past, my teammates, the sports I used to play, the friends I used to hang out with, the life I used to lead. Now that God has given me a different path to take, I believe He has given me a new life, and one that is dripping with abundance of blessings and fruitful meaningful relationships. Now I know and understand that in life, you cannot have EVERYTHING and everyone on your side. There will always be people going the opposite direction as you, as on the highway. You can’t expect everyone to agree with your decisions and to be the bestest of friends with everyone.

Keep on being true to yourself and the friends around you.


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