Galatians 5:25 ” Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.”

When I read this verse, the metaphor of dancing came to mind immediately. Keeping in step with the Spirit, like how you keep in step with the Perfect Partner, keeping in tune with the music, keeping to the rhythm of the beats. In contrast, when we are moved by our flesh, our impulses and thoughts that tell us to do as we desire, to “follow our heart” – it’s as if we are experiencing the clumsiness of a partner who keeps stepping on our toes and leading us in the wrong direction.

I remember during Blast! camp, Darren Toh a.k.a d(t) in the dance world of Freestyle Battling, came and imparted some of freestyle tips to us. He opened up a whole new world to us by directing our focus to the layers in every piece of music that we listen to. In order for us to be great at freestyling or dancing, we need to be in tune with a particular layer of the music e.g. hitting the bass beats, snare, only the lyrics, the keyboard instrumentals etc. The most important thing is to let your body be in total sync with the music, and you make magic. It’s not as easy as it sounds and it definitely takes a lot of practice and careful and conscious listening to ‘feel’ the different layers of the music.

Likewise, it is imperative that I continually tune in to the voice of the Holy Spirit, as how a good dancer should constantly be tuned to the beat of the music. During the practice session that d(t) conducted for us, he put us in situations where we have to listen to a random piece of music and try to groove according to the beat. It was uncomfortable for me because some of the songs were unfamiliar and what I pre-planned to dance did not match the particular rhythm.

Similarly, the Spirit moves us to places where we might not feel comfortable, to step back when we want to step forward, to step forward when we want to step back. The rhythm might be too fast or too slow. Following the Spirit means resisting the urge to dance through life OUR WAY. It means relinquishing control. And that is the hardest part. I am all too human and so many times, I just want things to go my way. It’s as if the world revolves around me, that everything should happen the way I want them too.

How hard it is, how difficult it can be to be led by the Spirit! When I get upset with people, I get bitchy and I just speak what’s on my mind. Then people get hurt, then I regret, and I feel awful. But the Spirit in me tells me that I should have held my tongue!

How difficult it is to not dance to the tune of popularity and to gossip about people since it’s the way society works right? Gossiping is like cultivating in-group solidarity; building up that “Circle of Trust”.How difficult it is!

How difficult it is to forgive, to release the resentment so deeply entrenched in me when I feel that I’ve been under-appreciated, overlooked for the ‘talent’ I assumed I had, for the effort & hardwork I put in!

The battle between the Flesh and the Spirit is ever so baffling, why do we have to go through this every day?

“Do we want to listen to the discordant tunes of the evil one or do we yearn to be led by the Holy Spirit?”

God, I pray that Your Voice be magnified, be amplified over all the whisperings of the evil one and that I may continually move in step with the Holy Spirit, my Guide and my Counselor that You have given to me. I shall and AM no longer bound to follow the whims of my flesh for I have the choice (everyday) to move in sync with the Spirit. Thank You for your Grace that even when I fail every day, your Holy Spirit never leaves me. Help me to keep in step, every day, all the way…


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