As much as I hate to admit it, I think my knee will never be the same again 😦 I teared after JoyJayne Blessing’s practice last Friday when my right knee just kept giving way and was causing me a lot of pain. Maybe I should have been more disciplined with physio & gym (totally neglected it because of DP preparations) D: And it was certainly an overestimation of my own capabilities when I decided to join the Blessings item for DU. I had wanted to prove myself (and others) wrong that I can dance contemp too. Boy, was I so wrong. It was such a painful lesson but I thank God that at least I came out of it alive, and only suffering minor aches in muscle groups that I have never activated before in my life. Contemp is really a whole new league, I felt like a fish out of water when trying out the choreo that Joy&Jayne so patiently rushed through to teach us (time was of the essence). I wished I had more time to pick up the fundamentals and the techniques. But oh well. Watching the item from afar is far more beautiful for me since I would have totally destroyed and brought down the quality and beauty of the dance 😛

My NUS insurance claim has reached its maximum limit cos it’s been a year since the accident. That means that I can’t claim anymore for my physio fees D: AHHHHHH.

Now for happier news:

Thursday’s Post-THDP Party-cum-Debrief left me with a warm fuzzy feeling that kinda made my post-DP blues even worse xP Joy made everyone write rolling papers (the kind where you have your name on a piece of paper and it gets passed around in a circle and everyone writes something they feel blessed about you or thankful for). Even though it wasn’t my first time doing such mushyloveydoveybonding activity, it was really interesting and retrospective reading the notes people left on my paper. 🙂

I made a new kingdom friend and it is always so therapeutic talking to kingdom friends who build you up and share with you encouraging spiritual food that brings the best out of you 🙂 That’s one for you, Esther! ^o^ Thanks for sharing Corrinne May’s new album with me – the playlist has been on loop since Saturday!

AND JESSIE J LIVE IN SINGAPORE STOMP STOMP WHO YOU ARE TOUR WOOHOOOO~ (pardon the incoherence cos how can I ever be coherent when talking about JESSIE J ZOMGG) She was beyond awesome, her LIVE singing, improvisation and ad-libs were just so £$%^&*( brilliant it was mindblowing and I had so much fun dancing and screaming along to the songs 😀 Even though Evon-unnie and I were a bit turned off my the young crowd around us (a whole bunch of young kids), I still enjoyed myself thoroughly and wished the night lasted longer 😦

We had such great seats: "Row 6 Premium Category yo, bitchheesss!" (HAHA just wanted to try that, sounds awkward tho)
BLUSH - Pan Asian Girl Group opening for Jessie J.
Do it like a DUDE! (Photo taken by Shi Hui)
Photo Credit: Shi Hui.

In other news, I gave the NUS – NTU match (NUS won btw! :D) a miss today even though Kuannie offered to go with me partly cos I was afraid that it would stoke my decision to join back NUS soccer again 😦 And I felt really ashamed that I’m taking so long to recover (that bloody screw is still the same size, sticking out like a monkey’s butt from my right knee when it’s supposed to be dissolving!! 😡 ) and I didn’t really want to talk about how I have been failing my Biodex tests 😦 Yikes. #utterlyashamed

Still very blessed,



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