Reblogged from Nicmama’s very cool blog.

it’s the little blessings that count.


there are some people you meet in your life that you wonder,
“where has this person been all my life?
 what took me this long to find them? 
…to notice them?
 …to start talking to them? 
…to become friends with them?”

it’s funny how He puts certain people in our lives at certain periods of time, removes them, sometimes adds them back in, and sometimes not.

but it’s really amazing when you just meet the right person at the right time, and just for awhile, (even if it’s just for awhile) everything seems good in the world.

the little things they say that make you laugh,
smile to yourself when you see their messages,
even if they weren’t anything special to them,
they hold so much special meaning for you.

so i’d like to thank you for making me smile,
for cheering me up,
for nagging me to take care of myself,
for your stupid jokes,
for telling me not to worry,
and reminding me that everything will be fine.

sometimes all we need is someone to remind us how good and happy life is,
and how everything is going to fine in the end.

it’s something we all know,
but sometimes forget.
and He sometimes sends a special someone,
a friend, maybe more,
to remind us of His promise.

i thank the Lord for bringing you into my life. even if nothing more ever happens between us, i’m happy to stay like this forever. i’m glad for this new friendship and everything that He has given to us. 

i thank God for you. ❤


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