Brigitte's Banter

After coming off my Freshly-Pressed high/ride I’ve been on lately, I thought I’d write this post to offer up a big WELCOME to my new followers and to try and write something, anything of value. An inspiration, a laugh or some snippet of wisdom to pass along.

Instead I’ve found myself lacking any original ideas of what to write about. I don’t know if it’s the cloudy days that have been around for well, a few days now or the fact that I need to get back on some normal schedule of exercise or that thing you get when you’ve written something, that for whatever reason, was deemed worthy of being on that Freshly-Pressed spot for a few days. What now, I keep asking myself — what now?

Share and Over-Share Alike  — Inspiration from Another Form of “Watching”

I watched a television program (Dr. Oz) yesterday (work is slow…

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