That change of weather – a torrential downpour – couldn’t dampen any of our spirits (pun intended) as we went on to make the best of our “wettest night picnic” yet. I guess this is how it feels, to have the worst-case scenario and circumstances going against you but nothing can stop you from smiling. Amidst the storms and the rain, in a very literal sense last night, with the right kind of company bursting with positive energy and determined to make everything still fun(k), I can say our first night picnic was an epic success. 🙂 As I braved through the thunder and unrelenting rain at the park last night with them, I saw why I really like these people. I was pleasantly surprised at how we didn’t turn all grumpy or whiny at the fact that we were all drenched and that our picnic was potentially ruined. Instead, this team just took it in their stride, enjoyed every single moment and our initial plans might have been foiled (no card games, singing, dancing eventually) but we still had a great deal of fun and epically dramatic night :’)


Keep Calm And Cheesecake
KEEP CALM AND CHEESECAKE: It’s amazing how this woman can only think of protecting and eating the cheesecake amidst all the chaos 🙂 true dessert fanatic Scratch that: TRUE DESSERT WARRIOR!!!!


The calm before the storm
The calm before the storm




Photo credit: Roger


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