Today I learnt that you don’t need to comprehend everything. Sometimes the beauty of learning comes in appreciating the unknown.

I find myself struggling to grasp concepts in everything I see but sometimes, there really isn’t anything to grasp. Sometimes, all there is to do is to appreciate the beauty in the movements, the music, the words.

Am thankful for experiences like the shows I watched tonight (Lambano and The City of Desire) because I found out so much about issues and feelings that I never really dared to explore. These themes of love/sex and dreams were always at the back of my mind, now finally manifested in forms that spoke to me.

I wish I had more capacity to absorb all that was laid out before me. I couldn’t process some of the intertextual references but I guess it doesn’t really matter right? It’s a small step in appreciating the arts. And dance. And then life.

Lambano: to actively receive.
To find courage to explore the unknown; the choice lies within.



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