Telling me that I’m not like most women–I’m more logical, rational, calm, unemotional, etc–is not a compliment.

It’s an insult to my gender and my sex. You’re telling me my good qualities are an anomaly based on who I am. You’re asking me to dismember myself. To separate my intelligence from the rest of me. From my gender identity and from my vagina.

That my brain and my boobs and my femininity are a paradox.

I see through you.

I see through this not-so-subtle attack on other women. Women who I love and respect. I see that you’re trying to divide us.

You’re trying to get me on your side. Trying to get me to oppress my own gender and sex. Trying to convince me that I’m immune to this oppression as long as I don’t get “too” angry, “too” emotional…as long as I don’t talk about who I am…

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