The satisfaction of moving in perfect harmony w the music is unparalleled. Especially for syncopated beats. But when you don’t, it is (insert adverb) frustrating and annoying. And that’s where I am right now with my progress for EMCC choreographies :/ Though distressing, it is a much needed reminder for me to work even harder to find that groove; that key to the elusive lock.

And as the title suggests, it isn’t an easy task. Well at least for me, it is incredibly challenging cos walaoeh how do you focus on so many things at one time!?! Deciphering the intricate steps of the choreography, trying your best to grasp the choreographer’s interpretation of the music, figuring out which specific muscle groups to activate to achieve that same image that the choreographer had just created… That’s why it’s not an exaggeration when I claim to have immense respect and admiration (and tons of envy) for people who have mastered the technique of dancing and knowing their body so perfectly well. The comforting thing is that I know – for most of these people whom I look up to – they too have had to get through the phase I’m at now. With persistent hardwork and tenacity, courage to take risks and challenges that are far beyond their initial capabilities, they grew and matured as dancers. By God’s Grace, I know I can too :’) Keep on learning, pushing, growing.


In retrospect, 2012 had been one of the most fulfilling years of my life. I thank God for the opportunities I had in THDP and SUAD, and for bringing new people into my life who are nothing but encouraging, inspiring and a tremendous blessing to me. Here are some of my favorite memories and people, or those which/who were captured on camera 🙂 Thank you Jesus for the undeserved favour you’ve given me in dance and studies!!! #blessedbeyondmyexpectations






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