My Struggle With Dance Part 1

My takeaway (reflections) for this week

In learning a piece of choreography, ‘multitasking’ might actually be a useful skill to have since we need to internalize the music, remember the steps, integrate the steps with the music, take note of possible accents, finishing our lines, adding our flavour as we interpret the choreography etc. Interestingly (& ironically?) to be able to multitask like this, one needs to have immense focus/concentration, of which I lack because my brain is used to multitasking in the counterproductive way. I know I’ve always been struggling with internalizing and integrating choreos in those short spans of time. After Candy’s class today, I realized my brain capacity is still quite limited in processing so many layers. I find myself compromising on the minute details like fully extending my arms and finishing my moves (similar to the “follow-through movement” in handball/floorball/soccer terms), and I’m glad Candy reinforced this piece of advice – to look into fully extending my arms and finishing my lines instead of cutting short my movements – because it makes a helluva difference to the final product.

Though I’m dissatisfied with my performance and my slow progress, I’m still greatly encouraged because I know what exactly to work on and to know my body more and more after each dance class is always a good thing 🙂 I look forward to more uncomfortable and humbling classes as i unlearn and relearn this new language :’)


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