This post pretty much sums up what I’m going through too – it’s scaryyyyy.

Iterative Living

Today is the 4th day of my self imposed “Smart Phone Diet”. I have temporarily disabled the WIFI and 4g internet connections on my Galaxy II Android mobile phone. WHAT? WHY? you ask… let me explain and share with you some reflections from this period of throttled down connectivity.
Although i may joke to the contrary, I am by no means a “luddite“. I am not a gadget freak, but, I do love my smart phone. As a voracious seeker of knowledge, perspective and connections I would never want to revert to the pre-WWW world . I am amazed by the access to knowledge and the increased connections to others that the internet facilitates. During this Smart phone diet I did not go cold turkey on the Internet and social networks. I simply removed the real time pocket access that the smart phone provides.

Although it comes in…

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