We must struggle in order to grow. But without allowing ourselves to be deceived by the power that is gained through that struggle, because we know that such power is worthless. Alone on the Road, Paulo Coelho.

But it’s not always about the lessons you can learn or the amazing growth you can get from an experience; sometimes what really matters is the simple pleasure of being around people you have a connection with. Because in life, you don’t get that often, so when I’m blessed with people I can connect with, I want to make the most of these memories. 🙂

Thank you God that I finally have a family in Blast! (since SUAD) and I pray with all my heart that this family will stay with me for a long long time even after I graduate….

Let’s keep on loving, being honest and being joyful (more than just being happy). And when we are down, let’s have one another to lean on for support.


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