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Guys, I think I have a new personal hero. This week, Jada Pinkett-Smith sounded off at critics who were upset that she would “let” her daughter, Willow Smith, buzz her hair — despite long locks being a signature of Willow’s style. (All the better to whip back and forth.) Because the internet has nothing better to do than pick on little girls for being different and the mothers who “enable” all this ungodly SELF-EXPRESSION, people also took issue with Jada’s decision to allow her daughter to dictate her own personal style. Willow Smith is 12 years old and not a Barbie girl. Surely, she can dress herself, right?

I guess not.

Pinkett-Smith took to Facebook to address the “controversy” and tell the haters to go back to the incestuous Reddit holes they crawled out of, stressing that her daughter’s hair choices are her own — and no one else’s. Let…

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  1. chance upon your previous blog on acl through googling. just a burning question as I also tore my acl. its already confirmed by a mri scan. :(( and I’m seeing a surgeon this fri at alexandra hospital. why isit that you were made to wait so long for the reconstruction ? isit because its subsidised or the waiting time is just that long even for private patients or ??

    1. Hello… I was made to wait cos my orthopaedic surgeon was not free (he had some overseas conference) and so his schedule was booked until a few months later. So yup, it depends on the doctor and the patient’s schedules more than whether it is subsidized or not. 🙂

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