Took my final paper of my final semester of my final year in NUS on Thursday and had my last Blast class as an undergraduate on Friday – and so that marks the end of my undergraduate life in NUS.

These 4 years – as cliched as it sounds – were full of ups and downs. Here are 3 groups of families I made during this time.

Temasek Hall:

PhotoGrid_1368284854170 PhotoGrid_1368284826010

Even though I only stayed in this hall for 3 semesters, I felt that I have experienced more than enough of what I wanted (and not want) to experience as an undergrad. In here, I made my first family and got acquainted with many friends who eventually became some of my closest and most reliable pillars of support when I was at my lowest point. I hold close to my heart people who defined hall life for me (a bit lazy to list them down since there are more than 20 of them); all of them entered and made an impact in my life during my stay in TH. Some graduated, some left like I did, but some remained and those who remained were the reasons why I kept going back to help out and be involved in all subsequent years of Dance Productions.

I made fond memories of training really hard for floorball, soccer, handball, touch, track, roadrelay and how I really loved hall life for the fact that I can “summon” people to go running with me at any unearthly hour of the day/night (even at 4am). And how could ever I forget those late night HTHTs, sleepovers/crashing at Pingsiew’s/Yiyun’s/Anne’s/Joy’s rooms (when I left hall), suppers, grocery shopping at ShengShiong, training at WCP etc.

  • I learnt about independence and how important it was to have people in your life who always look out for you (especially if you can be quite blur at times and I thank God for seniors and peers who always got my back).
  • I learnt about humility because not everything you do needs to be acknowledged or appreciated, and if you hold expectations of that, you are likely to get hurt badly.
  • I learnt about exploring and taking risks because you never know if the opportunity is going to come at you again. But that’s also partly the reason that contributed to me being burnt out before Year 2 cos I took part in too many sports and committees.
  • I learnt about networking, and helping people because what goes around comes around. We share food; when people are hungry at 3am and if you have cupnoodles, life is full of rainbows and unicorns. 🙂

There’s more to TH and hall-life than what I’m able to document here but that pretty much sums up my short 3 semesters there.

IVP Handball and Soccer

PhotoGrid_1368284772906 PhotoGrid_1368284708097

I joined the NUS teams in Year 2 (2010/11) and the journey with those teams were undeniably fulfilling even though it was prematurely ended because of my ACL injury in Feb 2011.  I got to make really interesting and lovely friends from both teams and even had the opportunity to travel overseas (Malaysia for Soccer, Taiwan for Handball) to train and compete there. Sports have always been my first love and to be able to represent NUS for matches was a sweet icing on top of all the bonding I experienced with my teammates.

And that injury I got from playing against NTU marked the start of one of the lowest points in my life yet. From that point forth, my life just kept spiralling downwards especially when I was going through rehab from the knee reconstruction surgery. From being incredibly active in sports and being super busy almost every night training for different sports, to being confined at home with an unstable knee and limited range of movement was really depressing and lonely. (But i’ve blogged enough about that so moving on..)

NUS Dance Blast

PhotoGrid_1368284933688 PhotoGrid_1368284908654

I never felt like I was part of this family until SUAD 2012 which was my first ever Blast concert even though I had been in Blast since 2010. I always thought I’d be stuck as a backstage crew/videogirl/runner/door-opener for all the Blast concerts and when I finally recovered and managed to do SUAD 2012 (and EMCC 2013) I was beyond excited and thankful to God. I felt like I could be myself because essentially dance is about being who you are and even though, there would inevitably be people judging you for your dance skills and performances, the joy of being able to express yourself through dance is really unbeatable.

I can always go crazy/bitchy/laughy(?) with my fellow Blast-ards; I can always find people who can go mental with me and the endless gags we do with our bodies and music is just incredible. And this goes beyond generations – I’m so thankful that this Blast family is not just confined to the current batch of dancers but also people who have long graduated and are still involved in the dance scene as well as new juniors who join(ed/ing) us. I pray that this love for this family will never cease and I’m excited for the new comm to bring the entire family closer to achieve more 🙂 Blast! was the reason why things started picking up in my life and I found a renewed purpose and joy to live on that I can’t thank God enough for. 🙂

Throughout these 4 years, God has sent various angels to comfort me, support me and laughed/cried with me. God has shown me incredible Grace – unmerited and undeserved favour – in terms of my studies and my sporting/dance interests. I experienced many low moments and also many high ones and through all rollercoaster-moments, I learnt many life lessons about people-skills, on top of all the other higher-order thinking lessons I gleaned from my Professors and coursemates. These 4 years have certainly shaped a big part of who I am today and I’m really glad to have had this experience.

I wish I can be more detailed in documenting my experiences but I figured some things are better to be kept in my mind than to be carelessly shared 😛 So that’s all folks !


Now for the next phase in my life: NIE and teaching… 🙂 but oh before that….

GRAD TRIP! KOREAAAAAA with my blastgirls!!! WOOPWOOP!

and …. DPrecital and Dancetitude and Ascen(Dance) yahoooooooo ~~


One thought on “On Graduation – a summary of the more important things that mattered to me during my 4 years in NUS

  1. Dear Ul, it’s been a journey and experience knowing you as well 🙂 really glad we got closer when you came into hall. You’re really one of a kind, jn a good way. Time passes really fast huh!!! Haha really can’t wait to see you as a teacher Ms Liang! You’ll be such a great one 🙂

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