After my first Danzpeople Recital (Mente) last night, I thought about what dance meant to me and why I love it so much so I decided to note down some undeveloped thoughts before I let them slip.

Dance is what God gave me as a reason to live; a renewed sense of purpose after my lowest point in life.

The awesome thing about dance is that it can be considered both a sport and an art because when you dance, you are both exercising and creating art at the same time.

You don’t need music to dance. But with music, dance helps people to see what they cannot hear. Or rather, dance makes music beautiful.

You can dance anywhere. Really anywhere.

You can dance alone in your own room or
you can dance a choreographed piece shared by another person.
You can dance with a group of like-minded people who share the same passion –
You can dance to perform;
you can dance to express emotions within u that words cannot describe;

you can never stop growing or learning in this journey of dancing.

You can dance with or without shoes
You can dance with or without props or equipment
You don’t have to pay to dance

Dance is for everyone. You are not too old or too young to dance; not too ‘abled’ or ‘disabled’ to dance
Dance brings people together.
Dance makes you know your body better. It makes you see the world better.
Dance makes you realize the unlimited ways your body can move no matter how you are shaped or made.

so, I thank you God, for dance.

This is what dance means to me. As of now. 🙂


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