Let the national discourse on new universities, birth rates, housing, definitions of an inclusive society and paradigm shifts in social norms and culture, begin. May the oddly-shaped contours on the sides of your face be ever in your favor – so that constructive feedback, innovations and ideas would never fall on our deaf ears. Because if national discourse is ever going to move into a constructive momentum, we need to stop stumbling over complaints and whining about the past. Instead, we could do more listening, in order to engage new ideas, and lead changes in our social system to solve old problems.

I was raised in a family where we started young, discoursing on all sorts of topics – social norms, mindsets, character, faith, current affairs – at the dinner table. Amidst the swallowing, gulping, crunching of rice, fish, chicken and veggies, my family would be dousing topics with clashes…

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