here and loathing

8461931307_30a9385805_cImage via flickr: TheSmell, 2013

Hobbies are important habits. They are good for the soul– learning new skills will enivitably enrich your life. However, hobbies are almost impossible to maintain without a good amount of self-discipline and desire to continue learning. Much like smoking cigarettes, there is some kind of physical repulsion to a habit in the beginning stages– the taste is bad, you cough and wheeze, but your end goal is to feel cool and calm. So you carry on with it.

Now, I’m not a smoker, but I understand their habit-forming process. Taking on new hobbies is equally rough– and they often don’t have the benefit of addiction. Take, for example, a brief list of hobbies I’ve tried and hobbies I still partake in (I am intentionally not going to tell you which ones I quit, so you can think I’m Peter the Great): knitting, playing various musical…

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