After three weeks of teaching and the insanity of practicum, I realize that I must pen down the reasons why I teach before they are dissolved into the demands of higher order thinking, pressure of putting a lesson together with resources, powerpoint slides, lesson plans and worksheets in 45 minutes and wilderness of catering to all possible student responses (and sometimes I cannot even anticipate their answers and have to invent a response impromptu!).

So, I’m not gonna write some teaching philosophy, ridden with terms like “self-directed learning” and “Bronfenbrenner’s Systems Theory”. I’m just gonna keep it real – so that when I’m caught in the whirlpool of self-doubt, I’ll have something real to reach out to.

1. I don’t teach because I want to make a difference in my students lives. I teach because I love the subject that I teach, and I believe that subject can make a…

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